The New World

Since it’s discovery 300 hundred years ago the New World has been been the source of economic growth for the struggling nations of The Old World. With all manner of new discoveries the single most important by far was the discovery of witch moss. This potent discovery had led to frequent and bloody conflicts over control production and shipping. With the recent treaties and outbreak of peace the production and shipping of witch moss has never been greater.

If you were to look at a map of the New World it would seem that Spain controls most of the new world, though this is somewhat of a misnomer. While they have laid claim to over 80% of the Caribbean exerting any true control has proved nearly impossible. When Spanish explorers first came to new world they discovered a that these strange lands were inhabited by all manner of strange races they had never encountered before. They at first met with small groups of Lizardfolk who were largely tribal and nomadic and certainly not able to resist the Spanish soldiers who possessed superior armor and employed many spellcasters. This press however met stern resistance once they encountered the temples of the Yuan-ti.

Here they found an organized and advanced society who practiced strange and seemingly profane arcane arts. Initial meetings were cautious as the Yuan Ti were curious about these new strangers who were also proficient with arcane magic. Relations deteriorated quickly however once evidence of the Yuan Ti practices of living sacrifice became evident along with the pressure from the Spanish clerics to purge these heretics. There was also the enormous amounts of gold and other wealth that the Yuan Ti hoarded for themselves made a great temptation for the Spanish Conquistadors and tensions grew as the both sides grew increasingly suspicious and paranoid of each other. The final breaking point came when the Spanish discovered witch moss.

Witch moss is considered sacred to the Yuan Ti and is used regularly in their rituals and construction of their temples. The ability of witch moss to conduct magic energies made it invaluable to the Spanish and open conflict broke out almost immediately. The Spanish seized the initiative and killed several nobels and abducted one of the true born to secure their escape largely thanks to the use of the witch moss to augment their magic. Since then the Yuan Ti have been openly hostile to all Europeans and only the bravest or most foolhardy adventurers seek the treasures kept within their city temples.

Cities and Ports of Interest

Port Royal
St Martin
San Juan
Port Au Prince
Petit Goave
St Croix
St Kitts
Vigin Gorda

The New World

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