Golden Age of Fantasy Piracy

Pirate's Log - we're rich!

We came, we sahaugin, we conquered

Following the map in Isabella “inkskin” Locke’s back the heroes determined that the map shows the way to Mancatcher Cove, the site of Cyrus Wolfe’s fabled hidden treasure. Setting sail, they headed north to the island and began to searching to decipher the clues written alongside the map. The clues alluded that they needed to wait until dawn to find the treasure’s hiding place so the crew celebrated that night expecting to find a wealth of treasure in the morning. While this cavorting took place the ship came under attack from above and below as the beast of Mancatchaer Cove, a giagantic canopy creeper, and several sahuagin began attacking the ship. After a harrowing battle with the beast and the sahuagin the crew remained on watch as the sun rose and revealed a shadowy skull in the cliff face which indicated the location of the buried treasure.

The heroes hurried to discover their booty and upon searching the hiding place they found that they were not the first to discover Capt. Wolfe’s hoard. The treasure had been dug out from below and it’s resting place was now a shaft into an underwater series of tunnels, which they would discover was the sahuagin’s lair.

Determined to claim this treasure and rid themselves of the sahuagin the heroes descended into their lair and fiercely assaulted the warriors and trained hammerheads they used as mounts. Diving deeper into the lair the heroes discovered that the sahuagin had captured a locatha matriarch, which enraged Marlo, and were forcing her to lay a clutch of eggs that would be used as food and slaves. The matriarch was freed but Capt. Anders did not want to waste time seeing her to saftey, something was drawing him deeper. Searching further lead to a hidden room which contain a seemingly ancient ship captain chained to an anchor. Around his neck was another necklace of deep platinum that once approached brought the creature to life and attempted reclaim his matching treasure. With all their effort the heroes managed to slay the creature but had not discovered the master of the sahuagin or Capt. Wolfe’s hoard.

Continuing to fight through the warriors and denizens of the lair they came upon the throne room of the tribe’s leader Kreloort. Accompanied by his concubines, huge hammerhead pet, and companion Tojanda (a crablike outsider) Kreloort roared a challenge and the battle was joined. Kreloort was a vicious warrior, with 4 arms and trident that seemed to transformed those he attacked into coral statues, gave no quarter but was ultimately crushed as his minions fell one by one and the heroes pressed him further and further.

Bloodied and battered the heroes finally claimed Capt. Wolfe’s hoard, an almost staggering cache of treasures, and set sail back to enjoy their spoils and claim the infamy that they were due.



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