Golden Age of Fantasy Piracy

Pirates Log

OF COURSE you can bildge that

Life aboard the wormwood has become harsh for the heroes. Master Scourge has singled them out for the worst tasks on the ship and enforcing every minor infraction.

Two swabs loyal to Mr. Plugg attempted to Murder Tiberon in the bilges but were slaughter when Ononion and Richard came to help. While dismembering the bodies, Tiberon and Richard were caught and taken above deck to be keel hauled the following morning. Before justice could be meted out a ship was spotted.

The Dutch sailing vessel Man’s Promise was overtaken and after a brief bloody assault the pirates secured the ship. With two ships under his control, Harrigan gave the Man’s Promise to Mr. Plugg to bring to Port Peril. Plugg took with him the crew of the Wormwood while Harrigan kept his officers, with the exception of Fishguts, and left to meet them at their destination.

After three days aboard the Man’s Promise many of the heroes allies was talking of mutiny with the crew split into three groups. The heroes and those friendly towards them, Mr. Plugg and his loyal cronies, and Sandra Quinn who has a group who will follow her lead but won’t side with either group otherwise. Before any mutiny could take place the ship ran afoul of a storm during which several Grindylow came aboard abducted Sandra and another crewmember. They also attacked the PC’s but after a few of their number were thinned they fled.

The following morning the crew Discovered that they had run afoul of a reef just North of a small island. The hull had been holed through the ships water barrel so despite Plugg’s dismissal of Sandra Quinn the heroes were headed ashore to hopefully rescue their ally.



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