Golden Age of Fantasy Piracy

The Dark Musings of Richard Percy Stonehammer III, part 3

Give us your stuff, wimps.

The Crab Shark

I’ve not had time to write for several days, as I’ve been busy with the ship. However, I now have a moment, and want to get the following observations down on paper:

First, the Crab Shark is a fine ship. Fast, with ample storage, solid construction, and solid sails. We were lucky that it was the one we got our hands on. Unfortunately, the only thing I dislike about her is the name.

Second, Anders has proven to be a better captain than I would have expected. It figures that the smallest person onboard would be the one to surprise to the upside. I secretly suspect he is merely a puppet of the creature known as Skabsworth. He is content to leave the brutality to his underlings while playing the part of captain, diplomatic when it is wise to be, more aggressive than expected on the open sea, and keeping the crew happy with plunder. Of course, there is still the matter of inexperience when sailing, and the question of retaining control over the crew in the long run, but I have been impressed. Of course, I have only written this in secret, encoded.

Third, the rest of the officers are at least rounding into enough of a form that we do not embarrass ourselves on a daily basis. Ibin has proven quite effective at running the day to day affairs of the ship, primarily because everyone is terrified he will fly into a rage and burn them if they don’t do what he says. Marlo, given his incredibly repulsive bearing and his penchant for discipline when things are not done to his liking, is fostering a work ethic and attention to detail in the crew I would not have expected. It’s because they want him to leave them alone, but it works. Ononion, daddy issues aside, has proven useful in each of our boarding actions. Tib’run, the druid, remains incoherent and somewhat deranged on a startlingly regular basis, but he’s been keeping the cannibalism on the down low and has actually proven to be a talented healer. This has the additional benefit of allowing me more time for my research instead of having to tend to a bunch of whining sailors, which I find advantageous.

Fourth, my research has taken me in an unexpected direction. I’ve slowly been unlocking the secrets of modifying the very nature of the cells in the dwarven body, and I am finding that the process has not yielded the results that I expected. Traces of rock and traces of magic have been found, but as of yet, I have no idea how hair could possibly be produced from a dwarf. With that said, I have begun to unlock the secrets of our past, encoded within us, and with each transformation, I learn a bit more. If my test results are correct, based on the results I have achieved privately in my lab, my next transformation may prove quite surprising to the rest of the ship; they are used to seeing the red beast, but I believe I have been able to take my work in a very different direction.

That is enough for now, but shockingly, we are not a complete tragedy as pirates. Yet. There is time enough for all things.




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