Golden Age of Fantasy Piracy

Pirate's Log Set Sail!

Does this boat accept Aetna?

Setting sail to make their names as true free captains the heroes sought fame and fortune on the waves.

Their first encounter was a Spanish Cutter that had caught a pirate vessel and was in the process of burning it to the waterline. With the sun at their backs the heroes stormed the Spanish vessel and freed the pirate crew before they were burned alive. Sparing the Spanish captain Chantris Tisserond and drafting the crew the took their newfound plunder to St Martin.

Heading to into port to trade their plunder the heroes were ambushed by a Sahuagin hunting party who had just raided a fishing trawler. One of the Sahuagin wore a necklace made of deep platinum with strange markings that now adorns Capt. Anders. In port they began hearing about the Pirates Regatta, where numerous captains race through the permanent hurricane known as the Eye of Abendego to gain acceptance in to the Free Captains.

Setting out for port the heroes headed toward Tidewater Rock which the discovered lay east of the Antilles on small spit of land call Winward Isle. En route they came upon the infamous Swedish pirate Gorvus Svard who had just crippled an Aspis Consortium galley. Stepping in to spare the Apsis crew a certain death from the Hobgoblin reaver, or just claim the loot for themselves, the heroes charged headlong at Gorvus’ longship the Devil’s Palor. Boldly leaping aboard the enemy vessel Capt. Anders lead the charge and a vicious battle ensued. Both sides were badly bloodied but in the end the heroes were victorious, Gorvus Svard lay gutted and his crew and the Aspis ship were at their mercy.

Rather than simply strip both ships down to their hulls Capt. Anders accepted the request for parley from the Aspis Capt. Aspar Tharkideer. The heroes were offered a trade, they could release consortium ship and turn in the Devil’s Palor to them and in exchange they would give the hereoes their cargo and a letter of passage to any Aspis port and favorable trade pricing. Choosing to take the heroes filled their hold and continued towards Tidewater Rock and their path to Infamy.



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