Golden Age of Fantasy Piracy

Pirates Log: Not anymore you're not.

You'll be following me now please? yes?

Sailing aboard the soon-to-be-renamed Man’s Promise the stole aboard at dawn as roles were being read out by the officers. [[:Anders van der Smoot]] boldly declared that he would be seizing control of the ship from Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge. Not overwhelmed by the gnome or his companion’s, which included Sandra Quinn, Mr. Plugg ordered the mutineers executed. An all out brawl ensued between the members loyal to Plugg and Scourges and those to the heroes and Sandra Quinn. Casualties mounted on both sides, but the heroes were gaining the upper hand and it seemed well in hand when Scourge was blown overboard.

Suddenly, and without warning the Brinebrood Queen seized this confusion and combat to attempt her revenge for the murder of her son at the hands of the heroes. This new threat added to the swirl and confusion of battle but the heroes continued to prevail. Anders was the one who finally felled Plugg with a well place crossbow bolt to the back of the head and Richard drove the Queen into the sea after removing her harpoon hand. Once the tide of battle had turned the pirates formerly loyal to scourge set upon the Grindylows and make quick work of them. Several party members gave chase to the fleeing Queen to guarantee that she would never harass them again.

After wresting control of the ship the heroes convened to divvy treasure and decide upon the officer roles. Anders was chosen as Captain, in part because of his indomitable good will and passion for the sea, in part because he may have been the only choice that no sailor felt directly threatened them personally. While a few grumbled that this fancy jacket wouldn’t be able to hold a ship, let alone become an infamous Free Captain, few would say such while within range of his mighty summoned monster who seemed to be grow with each passing day.

The officer and crew are as follows

Captain: Anders Van Der Klaw
First Mate: Ibn Mar, “Mr. Mar”
Bowson: Marlo (or “fishman” as most have taken to calling him)
Master of Sail: Richard Percy Stonehammer III, whom it is generally agreed upon is a cannibal
Ships Surgeon/Carpenter: Tib’run
Master at Arms: Ononion
Master Gunner: Gustaaf van der Waals
Cook: Ambrose “fishguts” Kroop
Quartermaster: Sandra Quinn
Cabin Boy: Jack Skrimshaw

Master Scourge hostile
Chonchobar Shortstone Rigger
Jaundiced Jape hostile Swab
Kipper hostile Gunners Mate
Patch Patchsalt hostile Bowsun mate
Maheem hostile Swab
Aretta Bansion hostile Swab/Harlot
Crimson Cogward Swab
Barefoot Samms Toppin Rigger
Giffer Tibbs Swab
“Ratline” Rattsberger Rigger
Tilly Brackett Swab
Shivikah Swab
Fipps Chumlett Swab
Owlbear Hartshorn Swab
Rosie Cusswell Swab
“Badger” Medlar Swab
Jack Scrimshaw Swab
Slippery Syl Lonegan Rigger
Bram Van Der Hoef Swab
Serhat Elban rigger
Vogel Van Ness swab



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