Golden Age of Fantasy Piracy

Pirate's Log

A ship by any other name

Arriving at Rickety Squibbs the heroes brought in the soon to be former Man’s Promise to be remade in their design. After a brief parley with the towns namesake Rickety Hake work went underway.

The town and area had been suffering from a seasonal drought which had been agitating the residents of not just Rickety Hakes but those in the jungle as well. The most notorious of the local creatures were the water Nagas who had struck a peaceable agreement with the townsfolk. Tib’run discovered that one of these Nagas had been driven from its home by the drought but not before it had made it’s way to into town. The Naga attacked the townsfolk while they were relaxing in the dry dock. The heroes sprung to the rescue an in a flurry of blades and gunblasts were able to slay the half mad creature.

The heroes took this opportunity to impress the townsfolk through their formidable physical prowess, and no small amount of bullying, that they were in fact dread pirates to be feared and remembered. Ononion especially became well known as he led the other pirates in this endeavor with a mixture of his love of battle and the sea while Gustaaf van der Waals successfully brandished his gun and very successfully frightened the halfling residents.

The remaining time ashore was not free of incident however and all of the work, gunplay, and carousing drew the attention of hive of Giant Wasps. With most of their natural prey missing from the drought they attacking the town and the heroes battled the creatures until the townsfolk could escape to safety.

There was little respite however, a Spanish Galleon had come into the bay leading to Rickety Squibs while the attack was taking place. Their landing ship had come ashore while and after a tense moment the heroes realized that the captain was not a Spanish naval officer but the Free Captain Merril Pegsworthy. The Captain was looking to squib his own recently captured ship and offered to christen their new vessel as a way of making peace. Captain Merril was also no friend of Cpt. Harrigan and warmed to Anders though was generally chilly in personality. After the ship was finished squibbing the Peggsworthy christend the ship and the heroes set sail.

Now they must strike a name for themselves if they wish to survive the unforgiving seas and find a pirate cove to call home aboard… the Crab Shark.



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