Golden Age of Fantasy Piracy

Pirates Log

We came for the water, we stayed for the Grindylows

After the Man’s Promise was holed along a coral reef the heroes headed ashore Bonewrack Isle. They were charged with refilling the ships water stores but their main purpose was to rescue Sandra Quinn from the grindlows who had attacked the ship.

After they came ashore the discovered that the island was home cruel monstrous creatures which they had to fight their way through. The island was also home to several ghouls who came ashore when a Spanish Naval scout wrecked along the reefs. One member of the crew survived long enough to construct a stockade on the island before succumbing to ghoul fever himself. From the stockade the heroes discovered the grindylow cave where Sandra Quinn was being held.

The heroes stormed the cove and made efficient work slaughtering the guards driving deep into their tidal caverns. In the deepest sea caverns they discovered the Brinebrood Queen who ruled over grindylows as well as her gigantic son The Whale. Sandra Quinn and young Jack Scrimshaw we help captive here as well and were plunged into the water when the heroes arrived. The battle that ensued was brutal and brief as the heroes tore apart the Queen’s guardians’ including her son whom was torn apart from the inside after swallowing Richard. Terrified, the Queen fled and the heroes were able to rescue both Sandra and Jack Scrimshaw.

Now the crew members must return to the Man’s Promise and wrest control from Mr. Plugg and take their rightful place among the Free Captain’s of the Caribbean.



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